Our Process

We believe the spaces we inhabit should be a reflection of who we are as individuals, which is why we take pride in the uniqueness of every project and in achieving the vision of our clients. From collaboration, through the design process to the final build, we work with you every step of the way.

Whether you're looking to design from the ground up, build an addition from the inside out or renovate from the walls in, at Blake Farrow we turn your dreams into reality.

"From drawing up the blueprints to handling you your keys - we're with you every step of the way managing every detail"

Project Management/Site Supervision

Proper supervision is an integral part of any project. At Blake Farrow Project Management, we have multiple hands-on supervisors that run our jobs and have spent many years in the construction industry honing their skills. While all of our supervisors are great at hands-on work, they are also excellent communicators and team players. The ability to communicate effectively with project stakeholders ensures that the rest of the team has the requisite support to deliver on their specific items.
We can expertly manage your custom build or renovation project from the blue print planning stage to completion. Or, we can jump in at any phase and execute our role in the construction process to perfection. As general contractors, we also manage and coordinate the required subcontractors and vendors throughout the project.

Custom Home Builds

Blake Farrow Project Management Inc specializes in custom homes builds and the construction of resort and commercial properties in the Collingwood and Blue Mountains area, the Greater Toronto Area, and as far north as Muskoka. We are committed to making your building experience enjoyable and to deliver unique spaces to live, work, and play.
We expertly manage your custom build from the blue print planning stage to completion. Or, we can jump in at any phase and execute our role in the construction process to perfection.

Renovations and Additions

Blake Farrow Project Management Inc has an established reputation for providing custom home renovation services, ranging from kitchen and bathroom renovations to full home additions.
Renovating your home should be a pleasant experience. As one of the Georgian Triangle’s most respected project management and general contracting firms, we will guide you through the process, from concept planning to the finishing touches. We will ensure that your kitchen or bathroom renovation or home addition project goes smoothly, flows seamlessly, and ultimately exceeds your expectations.
We value the importance of meeting deadlines, budgets and your expectations.  Our team will guide you through the process and ensure that you are left with a beautiful space to live, work, and play.

Planning and Design Services

As a construction management firm we can enter the design process at any level. For some projects, where all the detailing of specifications is completed, we simply price and execute what is on the plans. However, in many cases, we meet with clients to develop their plans past what an architect or designer has already prepared.
When building a custom home or tackling a renovation project, one of the more difficult stages of construction to work through is the selection of fixed finishes. If not managed properly, decisions or lack of can have adverse effects on the schedule and budget. We can manage this process at any level; using the client’s preferred designer, their treasured art and photos and lists of must-have elements. Or, we can provide a professional in-house interior designer with which to work.
Working with a developed specification is a big part of a successful build. Detailed specifications not only assist us during the construction phase, but also help the client realize their vision. Whether it is selecting tile for the bathroom, developing a paint schedule, or working through the intricacies of kitchen design, we are happy to assist you with any part of the project.

Budget Management

Establishing and maintaining a budget is critical to meeting a project’s financial goals. Many items in preliminary budgets start as allowances. Ideally, the best time to engage us is on the front end; at the beginning of the design to work with your architect and designer.
However, if you come to us with a completed design, it is simple for us to follow their lead and price what is in the plan. If there is missing detail or elements that need development, we can help with this too.
To ensure informed decisions can be made, in all phases of design development, it is important to offer meaningful feedback. If information is provided on a timely basis and a team established early, Blake Farrow Project Management can provide meaningful feedback prior to detailed design development.
If the design process is clearly defined, hard specifications and detailed pricing replace allowances. Thus, predictability on cost is realized.
During this process we provide options, rework the specifications (as needed), and keep the budget up-to-date (by confirming pricing with subcontractors and vendors). Whether the value increases, decreases, or remains the same, our up-to-date budgeting enables clients to see how decisions and selections impact their bottom line. Revised budgets are produced with every draw request, which are done monthly or bi-weekly as required. This process puts the client in control of the project direction.

We also offer the following services:
  • General Contracting Services
  • Commercial Builds
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Plan Review and Value Engineering
  • Assist with Permit Application
  • Interior Design
  • Active Scheduling
  • Professional Accounting
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